Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Introduction to Sailing Your Business

This book can teach you to sail a boat, your business and your life. Each requires a voyage and a destination, a goal and decisions in how to get there safely, effectively and happily. This book will help the sailor do better business and the business person sail there company into the future. The success in this type of sailing is not determined solely by finances but by a true measure of integrity and heroic legacy, latent in all of us. We shall measure ourselves individually by skill, craftsmanship, leadership, environmental respect…….. However you choose to measure respect I am sure this book will launch an exciting voyage. Have fun

The author Daisy Carlson a successful business owner and designer who built her business from back pack to international notoriety. A CEO for fifteen years of her international import company Daisy Arts Inc. She lives between Sausalito, New York and Italy but has a tendency to be found voyaging almost anywhere.

Note from the author: The wind howls as I huddle under the Bimmeny with my legs to the high sun, glistening on the water. The tide is going out so fast I can see it and a distant kayaker fights against the current to reach the shore. Many boats are rocking in the strong breeze, the wind whistles through and halyards play bells on the masts.
If all these boats were business which would succeed?
Each vessel has operating systems, honed by their skippers, each skipper has been faced with make shift days and the array of choices they force themselves to afford at the local chandraley. Some skippers invest in all the glory days and good looks, but would not be able to get across the bay in a fair wind, others have afforded themselves nothing but a dream and have set out across the seven seas in 30 feet of wood planking and hand sewn canvas sails. In this harbor there is at least one example of each and everything in the middle. It wasn’t until I myself took up sailing and boat ownership that I realized the same principles that apply to successful sailing apply to successful business. When I finally pulled myself from my own boat to captain my most challenging vessel lost in troubled seas, my business that I learned to a be a sailor and a captain. Each morning when I take my place at the helm of 26th and fifth avenue in NY I read the tides, check the winds, set my course. There have been days of fair sailing and others hold up in dark coves trying to avoid the pirates, there have been tempests that have challenged every muscle in my body. 15 years of voyaging on a small business much like a hand built wooden boat there have been rewards and mishaps, days of plenty and days when not a fish in the sea would bite.
The basic principles in becoming a successful captain and keeping any size boat, your business a float whatever the size are as follows. Chart your course, know your destination, maintain your operating systems, trim your sails to the prevailing winds and most importantly act with dignity and fair play. Do not compromise your crew or neglect your mission or your vessel.
They say sailing is 90% boredom and 10% sheer terror. I would say this is true of business as well. Both sailing and business ownership are somehow very compelling. In sailing the analogies are so loaded with Homeric odysseys and traveling tales. To the true business owner there is a I would hope the same sort of poetry, if not my recommendation would be to jump ship.
Select your voyages, your crew and your ship wisely. Know that the value of sailing a boat is not just the destination but the voyage. The value of business is not just a mono-crop of money but an opportunity to build community and great service. Business’ too express much value in the journey. I challenge sailors to rise to the opportunity, the rewards of this are immeasurable. There are only so many days in our short life and to deny oneself of poetry, charity and dreams does a great disservice to your soul, can destroy more than one good nights sleep and may not be the legacy you smile on in your last hours.
There are several reasons to take to the water. A summer holiday, a race on the bay, the lighted boat parade and cruising. Cruising is linked to destination sailing that was once an integral part of world commerce. Bringing spices and stories of distant lands. The trade winds are the winds that brought merchant vessels safely home with their precious cargo. I will begin this book for the merchant sailors of our day, navigating phone lines, the world wide web. Orchestrating cargo and services around the world. Pirates must be ready to convert to continue, if you are ready to fill your vacant soul with the glory of the race, run with fair play continue. No amount of money can replace the feeling of winning fairly through skill.